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How Can a UV Air Purifier Help Your Air Conditioner?

A UV air purifier, also referred to as a UV air sanitizer or germicidal lights, is an exceptionally helpful device for eliminating biological contaminants from your home. These contaminants, which thrive in the dark, cool environment of your ducts, can include germs and bacteria that trigger illnesses, allergies, and asthma.

The UV air purifier effectively kills these microorganisms, which also include mold spores, viruses, and other pollutants. The best part is, the rays from these UV lamps are not harmful to people or pets, yet still do an extremely effective job at disinfecting your indoor air without the use of chemicals.

It Also Benefits Your Air Conditioner

Installing a UV air purifier can offer significant health benefits. However that’s not all that a great indoor air quality device can do. With the help of a UV air purifier, your air conditioner can run more effectively and efficiently, and also potentially have a longer lifespan due to avoiding bacteria in the system.

How Does It Work?

The lamps of your UV air purifier are positioned in your system in such a way that they shine onto your evaporator coil. This is where the cold refrigerant inside the cooling system absorbs heat from the air to cool it down. As the evaporator coil does its job, it creates moisture in the air, which results in condensation on the coil itself.

This moisture is intended to drip away into a condensate pan. However, during humid conditions a large amount of moisture will remain on the coil, which is how mold and mildew forms. When this mold forms, it makes your evaporator coil less effective at absorbing heat, which causes system damage and shortens your air conditioner’s service life.

What’s more, mold is unhealthy and spreads a foul odor throughout your ventilation system, which can affect people in the home. With a UV air purifier, the mold will never have the chance to even start to grow, which means a healthier household and a healthier air conditioning system.

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