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Duct Sealing Service in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

The ducts in your home probably don’t get a lot of consideration, which makes sense. They’re sort of designed to be as out of the way as possible, after all. However, your ducts are not perfect. They have issues from time to time, just like all your other HVAC systems. If you ignore these issues, you may find yourself paying some very high costs in the long run. If you haven’t had your ducts sealed in at least a year, call us today and set up an appointment for our duct sealing service. We’ll be sure to restore your ducts to their prime operating condition.

FLORALA provides professional duct sealing service near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

What Is Duct Sealing?

Duct sealing is the process of finding and closing any leaks that may be present in the ducts. The ducts are typically tested first, by sealing them off and pressurizing them. Once the duct testing reveals leaks in the ductwork, they are sealed with a substance called "mastic." Mastic is a viscous substance that is painted into the leaks and, once dry, completely seals them. Though the mastic is stiff enough to seal the leak, it is flexible enough to move with the ducts. This makes it ideal for duct sealing.

Why You Need Duct Sealing

Though duct leaks are often quite small, they are numerous and form very easily. Duct leaks can come from anywhere: mistakes made during installation, external damage, or even years of expanding and contracting with normal use. Once they form, they contribute to a massive amount of energy loss. The US Department of Energy estimates that the average forced air system loses about 30% of its total output to duct leaks. That is nearly a third of your total system output, which you are still paying for, going to waste. Duct leaks, though they are small and often go unnoticed, end up costing you hundreds of dollars a year.

By sealing your ducts, you are restoring them to the efficiency level that they were always meant to have. Properly sealed ducts will make your air conditioning and heating systems much more efficient, saving you money and making your home more comfortable. New duct leaks can form over time, however. So, it is important to have your ducts checked and sealed at least once every year.

We Provide Comprehensive Duct Cleaning Service in Orlando, FL

A lot of homeowners are of the opinion that if they want to seal their ducts, all they have to do is grab some duct tape and go at it. Unfortunately, duct tape is in no way suited to duct sealing. At least, not the kind of duct tape that you’re familiar with. In order to properly seal your ducts, you’re going to need professional tools, knowledge, and experience. We can provide all of those things. Let us conduct your duct sealing, and we’ll make sure it gets done right. Call FLORALA today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.