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Insulation Service in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

No matter how good of a heating or air conditioning system you have, it isn’t worth much without good insulation to back it up. Every home is insulated on some level, designed to improve climate control. However, just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s always enough to do its job properly. There are many, many homes that have problems with poor insulation, and suffer as a result. If you think your home may have poor insulation, give FLORALA a call to set up an appointment. We provide comprehensive insulation service throughout Orlando, FL.

FLORALA provides professional insulation service near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

What is Insulation?

Insulation is actually a catch–all term for material designed to hinder the movement of heat. It comes in a number of different configurations, but the most common is a batting material similar to a thick blanket. In areas like the attic, the batting form of insulation is not as effective for covering all the angles. Attic insulation is often of the blown–in variety, which is just large amounts of loose insulation material that is literally blown into the space.

Why Insulation is Important

In order to understand why insulation is so important, you need to understand how heat behaves. Heat is a state where the molecules of a material are moving at a faster rate. It will always seek equilibrium, to move from an area of high concentration (where there is a lot of heat) to an area of low concentration (where there is not much heat). Under normal circumstances, that would mean that your house would more or less match the outdoors in terms of temperature. A home without insulation (or with poor insulation) is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. This is why a home should be properly insulated.

Insulation impedes the movement of heat through it. Once installed in the walls and ceilings of a home, insulation allows climate control to be much more effective than it would otherwise be. This is why you can have a cool home in summer and a warm home in winter. Insulation prevents heat from escaping or entering your home, unless your forced air system is allowing it to. The better your insulation, the better your climate control will be.

We Install and Replace Insulation in Orlando, FL

Insulation is not easy to install, and must be in compliance with specific codes. This is why you want a professional to handle any insulation service you may need. We’ll make sure that your home’s insulation is properly installed, so that it lasts for as long as possible.

However, there are times where a problem can necessitate insulation replacement. Things like excessive moisture or even animal activity can rot or otherwise destroy the insulation in your walls. So, if you think you may need bad insulation in your home replaced, call FLORALA to schedule an appointment. We provide a full range of insulation services throughout Orlando, FL. Call us today, and we’ll make sure that your insulation is in good shape.