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Heating Installation in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

The FLORALA team has experience with a wide range of heating systems common to the Orlando, FL area. Although our weather is generally mild, we know that there are plenty of days in the year where you need a whole-home heating system to kick in and keep you and your family members nice and warm. Contact our team of professionals today to help you through the heating installation process from start to finish. We can make sure that you get the right heater for your home and budget, and that your system is in the best shape possible.

FLORALA provides professional heating installation near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

A Look at Your Options for Heater Installation

When it comes to whole–home heating installation, there are a lot more choices than you may be aware. You can have efficient, high–performance whole–home heating whether you have a natural gas line available or not, and even if you don’t have any ductwork.

Gas Furnace
One of the most popular heating systems available, the gas furnace is reliable, sturdy and efficient.
Electric Furnace
While gas furnaces are more common, the electric furnace is a great alternative for anyone without access to a natural gas line.
Heat Pump
Heat pumps are actually air conditioners that double as heating systems and are highly efficient in our climate.
Ductless Heating
Ductless heating and cooling systems are efficient alternatives to portable heaters and window units.

Is It Time to Replace Your Heater?

Have you had to make multiple costly repairs over the years? Are your energy bills unusually high this year, even after a routine maintenance visit? Will the cost of a repair be more than half the price of a new system? All of these may be signs that replacing your heating system is a better option than attempting to repair it. But the only way to tell for sure is to consult a professional heating technician.

Our HVAC installation professionals in the Orlando area can go over your options in greater detail and help you to decide on the best option for you. Unlike some other companies, our technicians will not pressure you to buy a new system just to make a quick buck. We will make sure that you have a grasp on any alternatives so that any decision is fully informed.

Contact the HVAC Installation Experts at FLORALA Today!

Heating installation is not a job you should attempt without any experience in the industry. In some cases, an amateur installation is a safety hazard. Improper setup and sizing can also lead to premature system failure, and you’ll end up paying for repairs anyway. Contact an expert to make sure that your furnace, heat pump or ductless heating system is set up properly.

Trust a company that puts customers first when selecting and installing a heating system that fits their homes’ needs. Call FLORALA today to get an efficient heater from a company in the Orlando, FL area you can count on for dependable and friendly service.