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Heating Services in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

It is rare that we have to use our homes’ heating systems here in Orlando, FL, but there will come a day when you need your heater to work in order to stay warm and cozy. Seek out the help of the technicians at FLORALA if you want your heater to remain in top condition for the cooler months. We install, repair, replace and maintain many different brands and models of heating systems including heat pumps, gas furnaces, electric furnaces and ductless furnaces. Call our experts today!

FLORALA offers quality brand heaters and provides heating services near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Are You Looking for a New Heating System in Orlando, FL?

No matter how efficient your new heating system is, it may fail if you do not schedule installation with an experienced professional. Our experts do more than install heating systems. They discuss your options with you and take careful measurements to help you make sure you get the right type of system. Afterwards, your technician will carefully inspect the unit and make sure it is safe and sound.

Signs Your Heater Needs Service

If your heater fails, you may be stuck without heat on an unexpectedly cold evening. Pay attention to early signs of heater failure, such as odd noises, uneven temperatures, or short cycling. And we strongly recommend scheduling maintenance each year so that your heater is in good shape before the cooler season even begins.

Call Our Expert Heating Contractors in Orlando, FL Today

We install and service heating systems all around the Orlando, FL area. Our experts are respectful and thorough, and they take pride in the work that they do. Call FLORALA today to schedule service a professional local heating contractor.

Ductless Heating

A powerful whole–home ductless heating and cooling system can replace your window units and portable heaters and offer sufficient heating and cooling at a low cost of operation. Learn more and schedule an appointment for installation, replacement, repair or maintenance by calling today.


We offer and service both gas and electric furnaces. These systems are the most common heaters sold in the U.S., which makes a lot of sense as they are effective and durable, and come in a wide range of sizes and efficiency ratings.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are whole–home heating and cooling systems in one. This is an ideal system for our climate because heat pumps perform a lot better in warmer areas, and yours should remain efficient for many years to come. When it does run into trouble, we can repair it fast or provide preventive maintenance services that can improve its performance.

Heating Installation

Installing a heating system is no easy task, but our professionals have got it under control. If you need a new gas or electric furnace, heat pump or ductless heating system, allow our experts to make sure it is installed safely and securely.

Heating Repair

A broken heating system is no good to you or your family members, but our professionals have a lot of experience repairing the most common systems in our area. Call us if you find that your heating system no longer performs at its best, or if you notice loud noises or any other change in performance.


The quality of your thermostat is key to the operation of your heating and AC systems. Choose a new programmable thermostat, a wireless model, or a smart thermostat that you can operate from your phone or tablet. Call FLORALA to schedule an upgrade today.

Zone Control System

Most home heating and AC systems heat or cool the entire home to a single temperature. With a zone control system, you can vary the temperature and increase the accuracy of your system with multiple thermostats around the house.