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UV Air Purifier Service in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

There are millions upon millions of microscopic particles floating around in the air you breathe at all times. Things like dirt, pollen, dust, dander, and the like are all frequently inhaled by most people. The reason you don’t often notice this is that your body either neutralizes them, and/or they are in numbers that are too small to affect you. There is one exception to this, however: germs. Viruses and bacteria both need relatively few numbers in order to infect and sicken you. Mold spores are similar, in that only a small amount of them can have some far reaching negative health effects. The way to solve for this is to install a UV air purifier. Call FLORALA today, and ask about our UV air purifier service.

FLORALA provides professional UV air purifier service near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

What Is a UV Air Purifier?

A UV air purifier is essentially a large lightbulb, which is installed in the ducts of your home. This is both to shield you from unnecessary radiation exposure, and to spare you the annoyance of a bright light. You see, unlike normal lightbulbs, the UV air purifier gives off a large amount of ultraviolet light. This has a strong effect on biological airborne contaminants that commonly circulate throughout your home.

Things Effected by UV Air Purifiers

Most germs and mold spores found in your home are very phobic of ultraviolet light. They are not able to survive in bright, well–lit areas, which is why they tend to thrive inside and away from constant sunlight. If exposed to too much ultraviolet light, these biological organisms start to die. The cellular processes that allow them to reproduce are often destroyed first, followed by other vital functions that they need to survive. The amount of UV light that a purifier puts out is typically more than enough to kill any infectious organisms that you might have in your home’s air supply.

Because of their effectiveness in killing infectious organisms, UV air purifiers are often used in hospitals and other areas that are likely to house people with compromised immune systems. If you get sick more often than most people, or you know that you have a weaker immune system for whatever reason, you should seriously consider installing a UV air purifier in your home.

We Install and Service UV Air Purifiers in Orlando, FL

Installing a UV air purifier is a complex process. The light has to be located in an area of the ducts where it can treat all the air that flows through the system. Otherwise it won’t be as effective. The light also has to be wired into the home’s electrical grid, which is not something that should ever be attempted without professional knowledge and experience. Bulbs will also occasionally burn out and need replacement. So, if you need a UV air purifier installed or serviced in Orlando, FL, call FLORALA and schedule an appointment today. We’ll make sure that you’re healthier and happier by installing a UV air purifier system.