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Avoid These Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

With the temperatures we’ve been experiencing, it may feel to you as though summer is already here. However, temperatures are going to continue to rise, meaning that you’ll soon be placing even more of a demand on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable.

In order to ensure that your AC system runs as efficiently as possible to avoid paying more than you should have to in monthly energy bills, you’ll want to keep in mind that there are many false assumptions about air conditioners and how to make them work better. Keep reading for some common mistakes people make when it comes to understanding their AC.

Believing That a Lower Thermostat Setting Will Cool the Home Quicker

This is a natural assumption, that the lower you set the temperature, the faster your AC will create cooler air. However, this is also a common misconception. AC systems have two settings—on and off—and the air it cools get cooled to the same temperature every time.

What the thermostat setting determines is how long the system will run for, not the temperature of the air coming out. Therefore, you need to set the thermostat for the temperature you want in order to avoid excess strain and misspent energy.

Running the AC When Nobody is Home

It makes sense that you want to come home to a cool house. It does cost more to turn the air conditioner on and off than to simply let it run. However, this has led to the misconception that turning on the AC in the morning and letting it run all day is a money saver.

The cost of cooling an empty house for 8-10 hours far exceeds the cost of turning your AC system on in a warm house and letting it do its job. Instead, you could program the system to turn on 20 minutes before you normally get home in the evening.

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