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Heating Repair in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

We do not need heating very often in Orlando, but we expect our heaters to work properly when the temperature drops too low for comfort. If you turn on your heating system this winter only to find that your system cannot adequately keep you warm, call the experts at FLORALA. Our heating professionals diagnose and repair heat pumps, ductless heating systems, gas furnaces and electric furnaces. Call our friendly professional team today for quality heating repair service from a name you can trust.

FLORALA provides professional heating repair near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Common Heating Repair Needs

You do not have to wait for your heating system to break down before calling for repairs. In fact, we strongly recommend against it. Call us at the first sign of issues with your heat pump, ductless heating system, or furnace, including the following.

Low Temperatures
If the temperature on the thermostat does not always match the temperature in the room, this is something that should be addressed. Even if you still feel warm air coming out of the vents, call a technician so the problem does not worsen any more.
Uneven Temperatures
The temperature in every room of the home should be fairly consistent. If not, there may be a zoning issue, a duct issue or a problem with the heater itself.
Unusual Behavior
If the heater struggles to start up or shuts down too soon before the heating cycle is complete, something is not quite right.
Strange Noises
You’re probably accustomed to some level of noise from your heater, but any sudden unexpected sounds should be treated as a problem, whether or not they affect performance.
High Bills
If your bills skyrocket once you start running your heater, there could be a worn–down component drawing in way too much energy.

Is Heater Repair or Replacement Your Best Option?

If you are struggling to decide whether your heater needs repairs or replacement, you should always consult with a professional first. A quality technician won’t push for a replacement unless it truly is the most cost–effective option in your particular situation.

But there are a couple of ways you can tell on your own whether replacing your heater is the best option. If you are making repairs far too frequently, it could be a sign that your system is too old or that it is the wrong size for your home. Also, if the performance and efficiency of the system doesn’t seem to improve after a maintenance visit, it might be best to replace it early on, before it fails for good.

Call Our Team for Professional Heating Repair in Orlando, FL

Our experts are some of the top heating repair technicians in the area. We have years of experience behind us, and we will diagnose an issue quickly and work diligently on repairs so that your HVAC system is back to normal soon. Call FLORALA today to schedule heating service in the Orlando, FL area.