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Ductless Heating in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

A standard whole-home heating system heats up the air before sending it through a duct system that reaches the various rooms of a house. But not every house is designed with a set of ducts. And when it comes to new room additions or detached structures, adding or extending the ductwork usually seems difficult, time consuming, and unnecessary. Rather than plug in an unreliable portable heater, we strongly recommend a ductless heating system.

Call the professional technicians at FLORALA for ductless heater installation or service. We will make sure that your new ductless system operates properly or provide services if your system begins to struggle. For comprehensive ductless heating services, you can trust our experts to help make sure your home is prepared for any type of weather year ‘round here in Orlando, FL.

FLORALA offers quality ductless heaters and provides ductless heating services near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling

Many homeowners in Orlando, FL who don’t have any ductwork in their homes (or in a single room) opt for portable solutions or window units for their heating and cooling needs. But these systems cannot perform as well as their ducted counterparts, and your energy bills tend to take a hit as well. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing to go with a ductless system instead:

Heating and Cooling:
Ductless heating systems are also powerful and efficient air conditioners.
No Renovations:
The technician will only need to mount the air handler(s) to the wall and drill a small hole for the refrigerant line and electrical components.
No Ducts:
Installing ducts is a hassle, and they sometimes develop leaks that decrease the efficiency of a heating and AC system. Ductless systems blow air directly into the room.
High Efficiency:
Ductless heating and AC systems are known for their high efficiency ratings, especially in our warmer climate. Just make sure you choose a quality contractor for installation.
Zone Control:
Individual thermostats allow you to vary the temperature around the home rather than keeping it at one setting.

How Does a Ductless Split System Work?

A ductless split heating and cooling system, also known as a ductless heat pump or a ductless mini split, contains an outside unit and an indoor air handler, just like any standard heat pump. Refrigerant moves back and forth between the air handler (or multiple air handlers) and the outside compressor unit. In the summer, refrigerant absorbs heat from your home and moves it outside. And in the colder months, heat from the air outside moves indoors.

The only major difference between a ductless split system and a standard AC or heat pump is the placement of the air handler. This component mounts high up on the wall or the ceiling, and you can have one unit for as many rooms or zones as need cooling and heating. Each air handler gets a thermostat, so you can change the temperature in each area throughout the home as needed.

Call Our Team for Ductless Heat Pump Services in Orlando, FL

Ductless heating and cooling systems are efficient, dependable, and convenient, but they may not work properly if you don’t rely on an experienced contractor for installation, repair, replacement and maintenance. Call the team of professionals at FLORALA today for quality ductless heating services in Orlando, FL.