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Zone Control Systems in Orlando, FL by FLORALA

Everyone wants to live comfortably throughout the year, and do so without draining their budget in the process. Whether cooling your home during the long, intensely hot summer season, or heating it during the mild, but still chilly, winters, a zone control system in Orlando, FL can help you to achieve these goals. Just contact FLORALA for more details.

We’ll get into the specifics of the zone control system further below, but you should know right off the bat that any system services you need, from installation to maintenance and repairs, must be professionally handled. This is the only way in which you can hope to enjoy the full benefits of your zone control system. To schedule truly exceptional zone control services with a qualified technician, dial our number today. We are happy to help you to decide if zone controlled heating and cooling is right for your home.

FLORALA provides zone control system services near Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Zone Control System?

There are three main components in a zone control system: the thermostats, a central control panel, and electronic dampers. The dampers are installed in strategic locations throughout your ductwork system, and they are wired into the control panel. Also wired into your control panel are the thermostats, which are installed in different "temperature zones" throughout the house. The concept is a simple one: you adjust temperatures in different areas of your home as necessary, and the corresponding dampers will open or close as needed. This allows you to maintain different temperatures in different zones throughout the house.

Benefits of Zone Controlled Heating and Cooling

There are a few ways in which zone controlled heating and cooling can benefit you. First of all, you must remember that different people are comfortable at different temperatures. If you maintain the same temperature in every room of the house, then someone will inevitably be less comfortable than the other residents in the home. The customized comfort that zone control allows for means that everyone can live comfortably. Plus, you can cut down on energy use while heating and cooling your home, as you need only heat and cool those areas that you wish to, maintaining more moderate temperatures in unused areas. Finally, cutting down on HVAC system usage in such a manner also cuts down on the wear and tear that your system incurs.

Why Hire Professional Zone Control System Technicians?

Anytime you need a new component or system integrated into your existing HVAC system, you need to hire a trained professional to handle the job. Accessing your air ducts, wiring the thermostats and dampers to the control panel, and ensuring that everything is properly placed and located, are all tasks that require the deft touch of a qualified technician. Simply put, you risk doing real damage to your HVAC system if you attempt to handle such projects on your own. That is why you should dial our number to schedule any zone control system installation, repair, or maintenance services that you may need throughout the Orlando, FL area.