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Is It Time to Replace Your Old Air Conditioning System?

In Orlando, FL, there really isn’t an air conditioning “season.” We often need to use our ACs throughout the year. If you have an AC that is starting to fail because of its age, you can’t hesitate about having it replaced… it could break down on you at any time, leaving your house without vital cooling during a heat wave.

How can you tell that your air conditioner should be retired and a new system installed? Below are a few of the major warning signs and indicators. Call an HVAC professional for an expert opinion. If it turns out that replacement is the ideal choice, the professional will help you arrange for the work and see that you have the right new cooling system to take the old one’s place.

System Age

If your air conditioner is at or beyond its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, then you should give serious consideration to replacing it before it has a chance to decline and start costing you money—or before it fails altogether. Most air conditioners last between 10–15 years.

Rising operation costs

When you notice a sudden spike in the bills to run the air conditioner, it often means the system needs targeted repairs. But if costs are gradually increasing, and no repair work or maintenance reverses the trend, it often means that system has gone past the point where it will be able to run energy-friendly ever again.

Loud, constant noises

As an air conditioner crawls toward decrepitude, the stress on its components will reach the point where the system will make a great deal of noise as it runs. If your AC is creating rattling, groaning, screeching, and clanging sounds whenever it turns on, get a professional to look into it and see if the system should be replaced.

Southeast Air & Heat offers high quality air conditioning replacement in Orlando, FL. Call us today to schedule service.

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