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4 Signs to Call for Professional Air Conditioning Repairs

You’ll know that you should pick up the phone and dial AC experts to repair your cooling system when it suddenly stops working. But there are times when your air conditioner will start sending out less obvious indications that it has a malfunction. The sooner you recognize these signs and call on repair professionals, the less likely the malfunction will expand into something worse and more expensive to fix. Plus, with a local climate that can get hot at any moment, you don’t want to have a potentially unreliable air conditioner. Below are 4 of the more common signs of a faulty AC to watch for:

1. Odd sounds from the cabinet

The hum of an air conditioning system at work is a sound that anybody who has lived in Florida for any length of time will recognize. But when a strange sound interrupts this pleasing white noise, it often means a serious mechanical issue in the AC: grinding, shrieking, hissing, clanging, etc.

2. The Compressor keeps stopping and starting

If you notice the compressor turning on and off rapidly, the AC is short-cycling: the compressor, for some reason, isn’t completing its full cooling cycle. There are many possible causes for this, but you want the problem corrected as soon as possible before the extra wear inflicts serious damage to the compressor.

3. Uneven cooling throughout the house

When an air conditioner starts to fail at providing sufficient cooling, the first warning of it is rooms that seem warmer than the others. This is because rooms at the distant edge of the ventilation system aren’t receiving full cooling.

4. Elevated electrical bills

An air conditioner may seem to be working just as it should, sending out the cooling your home needs. But a fault inside it may be forcing it to work harder than normal, and that will translate into an increase in your electrical bills. Don’t ignore an odd rise in your electrical costs when the AC is running on a regular basis: get technicians in to look at it and find out the reason.

Southeast Air & Heat is here to handle your air conditioning repairs in Orlando, FL. We offer 24-hour emergency service.

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