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Time to Replace Your Gas Furnace? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Tell

No gas furnace will endure forever. You need to pay attention to an older furnace to see if it’s time to have it replaced. Below are 5 ways to tell that you should call professionals and arrange for a new furnace installation:

  • Corrosion: You may not expect a furnace to corrode since it doesn’t use water to run. But corrosion can begin in a gas furnace because of the reaction between metal and the vapor in the combustion gases. A furnace that is developing corrosion can potentially become hazardous, so go with caution and have the unit replaced.
  • Older than 20 years: The average lifespan of a gas furnace (provided that it receives annual inspections and maintenance) is 15–20 years. After a furnace passes its 20th year, it’s increasingly likely to experience a decline in efficiency and effectiveness, as well as develop safety issues. Even if your furnace is still working after 20 years, it’s better not to try to make 21.
  • Extremely loud operation: A single odd noise from a furnace tends to mean that it needs a repair. But many odd noises from it usually spells R-E-P-L-A-C-E. A furnace that has turned into a noisemaker is simply too worn down with age to keep around.
  • High heating bills: Older furnaces are generally less energy efficient than newer models that take advantage of advances in technology. And when a furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, you will see the cost to run it start to skyrocket. If you simply have a hard time looking at your heating bill every month, call for professionals to replace the furnace.
  • Too many repairs: So how many repairs are “too much”? Add up their costs, and if you find that you’re paying out more than $500 a year to keep the furnace scraping by, that’s too much. A new furnace is a far more cost-effective long-term investment.

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