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3 Benefits of Installing Zone Control for Your Home

What is zone control? It’s a way to divide up the heating and air conditioning of your home into a series of different “zones” that can be manipulated separate from each other. The conventional HVAC system has an all-or-nothing ventilation layout, so that each time the heater or AC turns on, the conditioned air from the blower goes to all of the rooms. Zone control uses dampers placed into the ducts to close off sections of the ventilation network so that only specific zones receive heater/cooled air. Thermostats in each zone control the settings, and all the thermostat are networked through a central panel that operates all of the zones.

There are a number of reasons to call for professionals to install a zone control system for your home. Here are 3 of the most important:

ONE: Lower your heating and cooling bills

If you live in a large house, or one with rooms that are frequently empty (such as guest rooms), then you probably rarely need to heat or cool the entire building. A zone control system lets you expend energy only on the rooms that actually need their comfort adjusted.

TWO: Personalized comfort

Comfort is different from person to person, and not everyone will be happy with the temperature in a home. Thanks to zone control, you can remove bickering between household members over the climate: everyone can manipulate the temperature wherever they are to suit their needs.

THREE: Temperatures matched to room use

Comfort can also be personalized for rooms: a kitchen will benefit from higher levels of cooling, as will bedrooms on the upper floors or ones with west/east-facing windows, while a baby’s room will benefit from more heating. With zone control, you can tailor the temperature to fit each zone.

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