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3 Resolutions for the New Year for Your HVAC System

It’s almost here… 2016. It’s time to make resolutions for what you plan to do next year. Some resolutions are easy to stick with than others, and we would like to help you come up with a few resolutions that are simple to achieve. All you have to do for these resolutions is give our team a call and schedule the necessary services!

Without further ado, here are three resolutions you should make regarding the HVAC system that serves your home with comfort in 2016:

ONE: Schedule a professional duct cleaning

The air ducts in your home start to develop a layer of dust along their interior walls. After a few years, this layer of dust and other debris will create friction against the airflow and lower your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. It can also harm your indoor air quality. If you haven’t had professional duct cleaning done in a few years, or perhaps never had it done, make a point of calling us for this service in 2016… the sooner the better.

TWO: Arrange for two HVAC maintenance visits

It’s vital that your air conditioning system receives maintenance in spring and your heating system in the fall. This will prolong equipment life, conserve the systems’ energy efficiency, prevent repair problems, reduce the chance of a surprise breakdown, and keep the whole HVAC system working at it safest. We offer a maintenance program that will see to both your maintenance visits each year.

THREE: Get that dehumidifier installed

Florida is notorious for its humidity, and your home probably experiences high levels of it during the summer. That’s why we advise many of our customers to install a whole-house dehumidifier before the heat arrives. You’ll not only feel cooler during the heat, you’ll end up saving money on running the AC and also prevent water damage as well as mold and mildew growth.

Get started on making 2016 your best year in comfort in Conway, FL. Call Southeast Air & Heat!

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