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What Are the Most Commonly Needed AC Fixes?

The weather around here is only getting warmer, with most homeowners in the area already turning on their air conditioning systems for the season. Hopefully you have not found any detrimental problems with your system that require emergency repairs. However, it’s important to take care of small repair needs now so that you have a better chance of fending off those bigger emergencies.

You are already one step ahead of the game if you’ve scheduled a maintenance appointment for your cooling season. However, it’s vital to be aware of the common air conditioning problems that may call for repairs, regardless if you are up-to-date on maintenance or not. Read below for a few of the most commonly needed AC fixes.

Refrigerant Leak

One of the most common misconceptions about refrigerant is that your air conditioner needs to be refilled every now and then. The fact of the matter is that AC systems are supplied with their entire refrigerant amount during installation. So, if you find that you do have a refrigerant leak, then it is time to call a professional for repairs.

Electrical Problems

If your air conditioning system is oversized, then you are more likely to run into this problem. Systems that are too large for the home they are in go through a process called short-cycling. This is when the system cycles on and off too frequently. After an extended period of time, your compressor and fan controls wear out, and can prematurely fail as a result.

Sensor Issues

This is a problem mainly found with room air conditioners. These AC units feature a thermostat sensor, which is located behind the control panel and measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. If that sensor is knocked out of position, then the AC can start to behave erratically. This sensor should be close to the coil but not touching it.

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