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Is Your Air Conditioner Making This Ominous Sound?

It’s no secret that we rely on our air conditioners pretty heavily around these parts. Our cooling systems keep us cool and refreshed with the heat and humidity become unbearable. And while many parts of the country are getting ready to shut theirs down for the summer, the opposite is true for us.

Since we’ll likely still be using our systems well into the holiday season, it’s important to take care of any potential repair needs that come up. And one sign of these pending repair needs is a banging noise coming from your system. This is one ominous sound that should never be ignored. Keep reading to learn why.

Blower Fan

Your blower fan’s motor in the indoor air handler is among the most important components of your cooling system. This part is responsible for extracting the warm air from the interior of your home, and sending cool air through the snaking of ductwork throughout your home. This motor is essential to your air conditioner’s functionality.

If something goes wrong with this motor, or any other part of the blower fan such as a loose blade, the result will most likely be a banging noise coming from inside your air handler. As this issue can cause extensive damage to the rest of your system, its’ best to call for repairs right away.


This is the heart of your air conditioning system. Located in the outdoor unit, a banging noise could indicate that it’s suffering from a loose part or a damaged fan blade. In other cases, it can be a problem with the compressor itself, such as a loose connecting rod, piston, or other internal part within the compressor that might be broken. It’s vital to address this problem right away.

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