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Does Your Air Conditioner Need Repairs?

With summer approaching, the time to ensure your air conditioner is working as effectively as possible is now. You might be tempted to hold off repairs, or perhaps you don’t think your need is that severe. However, you definitely don’t want to be faced with a malfunctioning or broken down system in the heat of summer. We’ve shared some signs below that indicate your cooling system is in need of repair. Don’t put it off any longer!

No Cooling

Is the air coming from your vents lukewarm? This could be a sign of various things. You could have a refrigerant leak, or your system’s compressor could be failing. Either way, it’s essential to take care of this repair need right away.

Low Air Flow

If there is weak airflow coming through your air conditioner vents, there may be debris stuck in or around them. This not only obstructs air flow, but can make you and your family ill as it allows allergens and other pollutants to enter your home.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your actual air conditioner but rather the thermostat. If it’s not communicating with your air conditioner correctly, you may notice that your system doesn’t turn on or that the temperature doesn’t reach your desired setting.

Damaged Ductwork

If you have a breach along your ducts, then you may notice cold or hot spots throughout your home since conditioned air may be escaping through a gap or tear. You may also notice reduced indoor air quality if something is wrong with your ductwork.

Odd Noises

Air conditioners aren’t exactly the quietest appliances. However, you know better than anyone if your system is making noises that it didn’t use to. Listen for squealing, grating, or grinding sounds, as these noises may be indicative of your need for a repair or even a part replacement.

Does the air conditioner in your Orlando need repairs? Don’t delay! Call Southeast Air & Heat today.

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