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Common Ductless Cooling Issues to Watch for This Summer

The more you use your ductless cooling and heating system, the more strain you put on the unit. This means that during seasons of extreme stress—which for a ductless heat pump is all year round rather than just once a year—problems are more likely to occur.

If you are utilizing a ductless cooling system this summer, you should be aware of some of the problems that can have a negative impact on it. Keep reading to learn more about these common issues and what to do about them.


Have you noticed that your ductless system is cycling on and off every few minutes, rather than just a few times each hour? This process is called short-cycling, and causes the amount of wear and tear on your ductless system to increase dramatically—far beyond what it was designed to handle.

Not only does short-cycling subject your ductless system to more problems, it also shortens the system’s lifespan. There are a number of potential causes of short-cycling, from a damaged or faulty compressor to electrical malfunctions. Contact our team for repairs as soon as you suspect your system is short-cycling.

Refrigerant Leak

There is a fairly common misconception amongst homeowners that refrigerant needs to be refilled before heavy periods of use. This is not true. Your ductless system is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to last throughout its lifespan, ideally. If your system is losing its cooling output or you suspect it has lost refrigerant, then you have a leak.

A refrigerant leak is a lot more devastating that people realize, and repairs should never be neglected or delayed. In addition to a decreased cooling output, a refrigerant leak can cause your ductless system to break down entirely way before its time. Be sure to give us a call at the first sign of a leak.

Are you experiencing problems with your ductless cooling system in Lake Nona, FL? Don’t delay, call Southeast Air & Heat today!

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