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3 Warning Sounds from Your Air Conditioner That It Needs Repairs

Modern air conditioning systems unfortunately do not come with an artificial intelligence computer program that automatically diagnoses a repair issue and then alerts you to the exact problem: “Excuse me, but I am currently losing refrigerant due to a loose connection to the compressor.” This would make scheduling air conditioning repair much faster, and you could have the trouble solved fast, before it had a chance to worsen.

But air conditioning systems do have a form of early warning system: odd sounds. Here are 3 unusual noises you may hear from your AC that will tell you it’s time to call for professional repair services.

ONE: Hissing

This is a sound like high pressure gas escaping from a line. In fact, that’s probably exactly what it is. This noise warns that there is refrigerant (a.k.a. “Freon”) leaking out of a hole in the copper refrigerant lines. Loss of refrigerant is destructive for an AC, resulting not only in a drop in cooling power but also possible damage to the compressor. Technicians will seal the leaks and restore the lost refrigerant.

TWO: Screeching

A high metallic screeching sound from the air conditioner’s cabinet usually is an indicator of problems with one of the motors. The bearing on the motors are wearing down and will need to be replaced soon—or else the motor will end up needing to be replaced.

THREE: Clicking

If you hear a clicking noise when the air conditioner starts up, it could mean that one of the capacitors is on the verge of failing. Capacitors send voltage to the motors to start them and keep them running, but intense heat will shorten their lifespan. This is a common problem after a hot summer. Professionals can replace the capacitors to prevent motor failure.

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