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AC Efficiency: The Best Way to Save on Cooling Costs

Summer may have already come to an end, but with our warm temperatures we’d never know it. Our air conditioners were met with quite the task to keep our homes cool all season long, and their jobs aren’t over yet. Naturally, you’d probably like to see your electrical bills go down.

If you follow some of the tips below, you might actually be able to dramatically increase your air conditioner efficiency, and as a result save money. Additionally, following this advice could help your AC system work longer than it would have otherwise.

Schedule Maintenance

Annual inspections and thorough cleanings are vital to ensuring that your air conditioning system is well taken care of and running as efficiently as it should. There really is no “best time” to schedule this service (although AC technicians are typically busier during the peak of summer) so long as you schedule it on a routine, annual basis.

Invest in Duct Sealing

Damaged air ducts are one of the biggest ways you can unintentionally waste money with your air conditioner. Be sure to schedule duct sealing if you suspect you have leaks and breaches.

Clear Debris from Your Outdoor Condenser

Make sure that there aren’t any plants, shrubs, or any other types of debris too close to the outside cabinet of your AC system. This type of blockage can restrict airflow and prevent your AC system from working at its peak performance.

Change Your Air Filter

Upon installation, your HVAC system is supplied with an air filter to protect its inside components. These air filters need to be changed about every 3 months—more often if your home has significant contaminants such as cigarette smoke or excessive pet dander.

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